Sunday, September 2, 2012


 I had a bit of time to kill in town on Saturday, so I thought I'd take a wander around one of my favourite shops, Potrero Hill in the Westbury Mall, between Grafton Street and Dawson Street. I got a bit of a shock as I walked towards it and saw that the shop was in darkness and there was a note on the window. That tends to mean only one thing these days, but when I actually read the note I was very relieved to see that they have just moved to a different unit, number one, where Meg boutique used to be. It's a pricey wee spot, but for extra-special treats you can't beat it. Last year I had decided that I was going to buy myself the Normann Copenhagen Norm06 lightshade for my bedroom, which had been wincing in the glare of an ugly naked bulb while I made up my mind. I was going to buy it online, and then I figured why on earth would I do that when I could support a lovely local shop, where it didn't cost any more? I got it in PH for €55, which I personally think is not a particularly hefty price tag for a modern design classic. It did, admittedly, take me about two hours to put together, but that makes it an all the more satisfying item to have hanging in my home. Apart from products by NC, they also sell ceramics by Danish designer Anne Black, the most delicious towels and some beautiful stationery by the likes of Snow & Graham - among many other brands and products. This is alongside some very beautiful clothes - think soft, luxurious basics in earthy neutrals - but I have a tendency to ignore clothes these days and zoom in on homewares. 

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