Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New stuff to covet alert

Scandi fans will rejoyce at the marriage of two uber-brands from that neck of the woods - Bemz, who specialise in custom-made covers for Ikea sofas and chairs, have created a line of covers in collaboration with Marimekko, featuring a total of eleven designs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bathroom envy - will it ever end?!

Fab bathrooms are something to be jealous of, it's not an easy space to make beautiful and personal, and it's often difficult to take away that all-too-frequent sterile feel. This bathroom was designed by Susan Kennedy, a New York-based Irish interior designer. Look at the tasty Calcutta marble surrounding the sink, mmmm. The little horse on the shelf on the wall is such a cute and clever way to add personality!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The plot thickens

Ok, so I may be considering an extension. Maybe. Just a teeny, teeny, tiny one. But maybe. There's nothing like hearing the word 'potential' repeated countless times by numerous people to get your imagination going - and it doesn't actually take a huge amount to get my imagination going anyhow to be perfectly honest. But just an ickle wickle, you'd-barely-even-notice job would add so so much to my house. I don't want to sacrifice a big lump of garden though, so what I'm thinking of is bringing the living room wall back to come in line with the kitchen (it's to the left of the living room and reaches a little beyond the point that the living room ends. You know what I mean!). Obviously it's only early days yet, and what stands in the way of me and my little fantasy project is money - budget - sums. Sigh. I'll get my calculator out and have a think. In the meantime, I've been checking out the Melted Snow website to see the work of Jim Lawler. We have featured his work in H&H a number of times, and he always does a beautiful job on extensions. So, little wonder that the projects shown above are stoking my imagination. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012


So, I got to thinking, as Carrie Bradshaw would say (is that a bit of a pre-boom of me?), about what kind of fabric I might use to re-cover an old sofa that I'm currently coveting. That's the great thing about day dreaming versus reality, anything is possible and the sky's the limit. The lovely PR people from Sanderson showed me the latest collections there a wee while ago and I've been sighing over various swatches ever since. Feast your eyes and why not daydream along with me? The top one rocks - traditional pattern with totally modern pink and orange clashing type thing, yum. I love the dandelion clocks in the middle one, though I think that it gets a bit lost as curtains in that colourway - they do more autumnal, retro-y colourways like orange on grey, that might be better used as such a large block. You can find out your nearest stockist by getting in touch with Furnishing Distributors

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello sunshine

I may be speaking to soon (it'll probably lash rain the very second I finish this sentence) but I do believe that spring is here, and we may even be getting a peek at summer. Since my back-garden-to-be is currently covered in a load of briars and other types of messy overgrowth, I am at the stage where I can fantasise about how amazing I'll make it look when I get to work on it. As reality isn't an issue just yet, I have been dreaming up all sorts of looks for it. Check out the lovely new outdoor space at Montana in Sandyford, they have lots of outdoor furniture. I love this Sengo range, which was apparently the best selling outdoor furniture range in the Conran Shop last year. You can also get them in orange, yellow and bright blue. Tables start at €199 and chairs cost €129. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bloom escapades

I went to Bloom in the Phoenix Park yesterday with my big bro and my nephew, and it was such a lovely way to spend a gloriously sunny bank holiday Monday. I found it really inspirational, and it gave my lots of ideas for my garden, both front and back, that I can try out once I've slashed through the current thicket. These trees were pricey, but once I've finally paid for all of the ever-so-slightly more essential stuff, maybe I can treat myself to one. I think it always looks really homely to have a tree either side of your front door, and this olive tree (top pic), or the kumquat (second pic) would be a gorgeous sight to come home to. The lemon tree (bottom) could really flourish out the back, and would look really dramatic against a black painted wall. But before I do a thing I must consult with my dad, who is an amazing gardener and will be able to help me choose what is suitable for where - and then show me how to not kill everything that I plant! In the end I picked up a beautiful hydrangea for a mere €10 - when we were on our way out at about half past five everyone was selling off their plants and flowers, so we went home with a car full of beautiful blooms.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bites of the big apple

I'm very excited about my trip to New York for many reasons. One of these reasons is that I'll be picking up my For Like Ever print, which I had sent to my brother's house (it cost $40 less than having it delivered here). I know that they're So Like Everywhere, but I don't care - I've been wanting one for ages. I'm also itching to check out the new Orla Kiely range for Target. I know that OK is also So Like Everywhere, but again I don't care. I can barely contain myself, in fact, as she has such lovely offerings as kitchen hooks and floor cushions. And even magazine files, which may actually satisfy my eternal quest to find something pretty to hold my endless stacks of mags. The only thing I need to think about now is how on earth I'm going to fit any of this into my suitcase. 

Fighting. The. Urge.

Aaaaaaaagh. Want. Must not buy. New print from the Keep Calm Gallery, called Love & Ghosts by Rachel E Foster. A limited edition of 25 for £25 each. Sigh. It would just add to 1) my credit card bill and 2) the other prints in tubes waiting to be framed. I think there's something in my new Martha Stewart Crafts Encyclopedia about DIY framing though, so maybe I'll swot up on that.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


 I had a bit of time to kill in town on Saturday, so I thought I'd take a wander around one of my favourite shops, Potrero Hill in the Westbury Mall, between Grafton Street and Dawson Street. I got a bit of a shock as I walked towards it and saw that the shop was in darkness and there was a note on the window. That tends to mean only one thing these days, but when I actually read the note I was very relieved to see that they have just moved to a different unit, number one, where Meg boutique used to be. It's a pricey wee spot, but for extra-special treats you can't beat it. Last year I had decided that I was going to buy myself the Normann Copenhagen Norm06 lightshade for my bedroom, which had been wincing in the glare of an ugly naked bulb while I made up my mind. I was going to buy it online, and then I figured why on earth would I do that when I could support a lovely local shop, where it didn't cost any more? I got it in PH for €55, which I personally think is not a particularly hefty price tag for a modern design classic. It did, admittedly, take me about two hours to put together, but that makes it an all the more satisfying item to have hanging in my home. Apart from products by NC, they also sell ceramics by Danish designer Anne Black, the most delicious towels and some beautiful stationery by the likes of Snow & Graham - among many other brands and products. This is alongside some very beautiful clothes - think soft, luxurious basics in earthy neutrals - but I have a tendency to ignore clothes these days and zoom in on homewares.