Sunday, October 3, 2010

I want this floor

The fact that you can't buy the new H&M homewares line in Ireland hasn't stopped me from taking a good big nosey gawk at the pics, doing my usual 'hmmm - do I?...would I?...where would I?...' etc etc. Now, it's not what they are actually selling in this shot, but I love this floor. It has a fun breezy, retro look and it would make a fresh and pretty bathroom floor, or a bright kitchen splashback or even to give a  Mediterranean feel to a guest bedroom, like a cutesy family-run guest house in a rustic village. Mmm, holidays... 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Knit knack

I've been meaning to pick up some needles and get knitting for ages. I haven't even attempted to since I knit a stripey jumper when I was in 1st class, which was actually 20 years ago, so perhaps I'm being a tad over-optimistic about my potential as a knitter. Anyhow - I was out in Kildare Village outlets the other day (more of which later) when I spied a very cute knitting roll and knitting bag in Cath Kidston. That was sufficient incentive for me to get going, so I snapped them up and I've been doing a little research on things like books and where to buy wool. On one of my many online searches, I came across This is Knit, an Irish company based in Blackrock and in the Powerscourt Centre. They obviously sell all the necessary paraphernalia, and as well as that they have knitting groups and classes and even some free online patterns . I'm going to head into the Powerscourt shop tomorrow to pick up some supplies and get some advice on where to start. I was going to buy the Vogue Knitting book (according  to the Amazon reviews it's the knitting bible, but to be honest sometimes I'm a bit dubious about those reviews) but I'll wait until I get some expert advice in person and ask lots of questions. I like the look of the toasty hot water bottle cover, but maybe that's a little ambitious. Anyhow, I'll let you know how I get on!