Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mayday, hurrahday, yayday!

Happy Friday, and, indeed, happy long weekend to all of you! Rather hard to believe that it's actually May, given the weather, but there are other ways to celebrate the first day of summer. Like maybe availing of Inreda's tenth birthday special offer, this Morris sofa, on sale from today for €1,999. it's 210cm long with a removable cotton cover and is available in eight colours.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Constant inspiration

It goes without saying that most of my tastes and preferences, when it comes to what I have/covet in my home, are inspired by what I do. Our location shoots, in particular, are always full of lovely items that I want in my home, and at the end of a shoot day there is usually one item, at the very least, that has to be pulled out of my hands as I reluctantly part ways with the goodies that we have borrowed. The Taika tea cup in the top shot, as I mentioned in a previous post, eventually made its way into my home. I've been sighing over these fab tree silhouette-style coat stands (in the second shot) for equally as long, so hopefully that's another item that I'll come home to some time soon. And our stylist Eleanor's clever use of coat hangers to hang these prints in a shoot that appeared in our Jan/Feb 2009 issue (bottom pic) is sparking my imagination in relation to my frames dilemma

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More lovely things

Danish lovely things, of course. I was so taken by Copenhagen that I have decided Danes are utterly perfect, particularly when it comes to design-related matters. This extremely posh shop called Illums Bolighus was the scene of much sighing and touching of lovely objects that I couldn't afford (not the breakable ones, I was very careful, as an extremely clumsy individual, not to touch anything breakable. Imagine breaking something that cost a fortune and having to pay for it and then not even being able to enjoy it? If you broke something in this place you wouldn't even be able to afford the glue to put it back together after you'd paid for it. Sickening). Anyhow, my admiration can be indulged from the comfort of my computer screen thanks to their great website. Check out these visions of loveliness, from the top: hello, nobody told me that Sonia Rykiel was doing bed linen!!!; the Kubus candle holder, designed in  1960, is atmospheric and reassuringly secure; the work of Anne Black always  brings me joy; the awfully cool Zettel'z ceiling light, which I heretofore not had any particularly strong feelings towards, is now occupying a very particular place in my imagination that has it pictured as the perfect light for my living room. Which is quite curious as an extravagant light is not quite at the top of my priorities list right now, and the living room is in such a state that it would actually just look completely nuts.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy world book day!

I derive joy from many things in life, most of them very simple pleasures like food and sleep. The joy of a wonderful book is something that never fails to amaze me, how someone can create such an original work that can captivate and leave a lasting impression in the way that it does. I'm currently reading Two Lives by Vikram Seth, as a precursor to the intimidating A Suitable Boy, and it's an extremely absorbing read, a stunningly told tale. I have amassed many, many books over the years. I love how creased and crinkled and loved they become. My books, at this stage, deserve a decent home. They are currently in the loving care of my parents (I just couldn't deal with providing the space they required when I made my last house move), but when I move to my new house they'll have a more permanent home, so it's a chance for me to knuckle down to the task of displaying them proudly - and, of course, tidily. I love love love this pic of Chotda's colourful but oh-so-organised bookshelves, proving that books can give aesthetic, as well as intellectual, pleasure.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photographer Paul Massey

I was admiring a fab bathroom last week and trying to figure out where I had gotten the pic from (it was in the sizeable 'inspiration' folder on my desktop, saved under 'PERFECT BATHROOM LAYOUT'), when someone reminded me that it was that of photographer Paul Massey. I love his work, his interiors shots are always of homes that look as though they are lived in by people who love comfort, as well as having great taste, and who really live in their homes. I went on to his website and found a whole host of other inviting images, some of which are above. Enjoy.

Hanging out in the hall

Now, I know that I need to curb spending, with all that is there to pay for it's all about the fundamental stuff these days and the pretty things need to be left on the back burner. It's comforting to know that some things aren't going anywhere and that they'll be there to buy whenever I've saved and can justify buying them. Like this lovely Swedese coat stand, from Duff Tisdall - it's perfect for my hallway, as it's not bulky, it's wall-mounted and it has a lovely strong silhouette. It's not an immediate concern though, and at €410 I'm content to visualise how lovely it will eventually look when I can afford it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NCAD graduate show picks pics

I finally got a chance to call up to the NCAD 2009 graduate show. It's just a short trot up the road from work, so it was a thoroughly pleasant way to spend a sunny afternoon. I really recommend paying a visit, you could easily spend a couple of hours there and there's plenty of food for thought. Anyhow, you must pardon my photography 'skills', but I took some pics of some of the work that I really liked. Take a look and don't forget to call up this week - you have until Sunday, it ends on the 14th. Above is a ceramic piece by Kim Murray from her collection called Keepsakes.

Brioni Connolly

Blaine O'Donnell

Tim Harden

Carol O'Connor

Margaret McKeever

Installation by Fionnuala Hanahoe

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunnier times in sunnier climes

Looking at the extreme greyness outside the window, I can't help but yearn for a bit of brightness, and I'm quite sure that I'm not the only one. That led me to thinking about holidays, which reminded me of our stunningly sunny holiday in Sicily last year. For the most part we stayed in cheap n cheerful hotels and guest houses, but when we went to Syracuse we treated ourselves to the very lovely Hotel Gutkowski, a fresh, idyllic seaside spot. It was a combination of the pics on the website and the glowing reviews of the breakfast on tripadvisor that sold it to me. And, from an interiors point of view it's chockkers with inspiration. A very simple, fresh type of inspiration, just the kind I need to counter the dull as ditchwater weather and clear my head a little. 

Very exciting...if you're a bit of a nerd... me! I'm excited about Kirstie Allsopp's new makey-do programme Kirstie's Homemade Home, which starts at 8pm on Channel 4 tonight. I love KA - she's absolutely hilarious when she gets narky with the househunters on Relocation Relocation (they often deserve it, it has to be said). Anyhow - this show is about Kirstie doing up a dilapidated cottage in Devon using traditional methods and crafts, apparently, so there's lots to learn about crafty-type DIYish stuff. That's a night in on the sofa for me so!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Just look at it! Look at the fabulous parquet floor in this bathroom! Well, to say I'm green with envy. I ab-so-lute-ly LOVE parquet floors. Everywhere, in every and any room in the house. I intend to trawl salvage yards high and low to find some for my new house. My dad shakes his head every time I mention it though. And then takes the opportunity to remind me how I've ruined the beautiful parquet floor in their hallway with high heels. Anyhow, these shots are courtesy of Little Greene Paints, this is their Ultimatt emulsion, a seriously hardcore paint that is built to take the pace in high traffic areas in the home. For Irish stockists contact 01 450 7154. Notice how black painted walls are a recurring theme these days? Maybe it's a recession thing, like that time at the Oscars after 9/11 when everyone wore black.