Sunday, October 9, 2011

More lovely things

Danish lovely things, of course. I was so taken by Copenhagen that I have decided Danes are utterly perfect, particularly when it comes to design-related matters. This extremely posh shop called Illums Bolighus was the scene of much sighing and touching of lovely objects that I couldn't afford (not the breakable ones, I was very careful, as an extremely clumsy individual, not to touch anything breakable. Imagine breaking something that cost a fortune and having to pay for it and then not even being able to enjoy it? If you broke something in this place you wouldn't even be able to afford the glue to put it back together after you'd paid for it. Sickening). Anyhow, my admiration can be indulged from the comfort of my computer screen thanks to their great website. Check out these visions of loveliness, from the top: hello, nobody told me that Sonia Rykiel was doing bed linen!!!; the Kubus candle holder, designed in  1960, is atmospheric and reassuringly secure; the work of Anne Black always  brings me joy; the awfully cool Zettel'z ceiling light, which I heretofore not had any particularly strong feelings towards, is now occupying a very particular place in my imagination that has it pictured as the perfect light for my living room. Which is quite curious as an extravagant light is not quite at the top of my priorities list right now, and the living room is in such a state that it would actually just look completely nuts.

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