Sunday, February 5, 2012

But then the problem is that I love...

...oriental prints so much, I think that they look fab in curtains. I was sorting through a load of bits and organising the stacks of disks and press releases that are piled up around me and I found this GP&J Baker disk with these beautiful oriental prints. Was I saying something about sensible neutrals?...sensible just doesn't come naturally to me.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Guess who's hungry

It's about an hour and fifteen minutes until I meet my friend Dee for dinner and I'm starving (though that's nothing new), so my eyes are immediately drawn to anything remotely food related. I got a press release about Clodagh McKenna's new book Fresh From the Sea, which comes out on May 22nd, and I'm really excited about getting my hands on it. I absolutely love fish, it's healthy, tasty and easy peasy to cook, so I can't wait to try out lots of new recipes! In the meantime, we're making it cheap and cheerful tonight with the Odessa fivers menu, which I've been meaning to try out for ages.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Auction buy

When I was in Buckleys the other day I spotted this Victorian balloon back chair - I love the shape, the green fabric on the seat is actually ok (though it has a bit of a yuckky musty smell), but it would look way more interesting with a cool pattern in vibrant colour. Anyhow - I wasn't in the mood for trekking out there again late yesterday afternoon, so I told them what my maximum bid was (€40) and they phoned me at the end of the say to tell me that I got it for €35 - sweet! I made the journey out on dart and á pied today and now it's here for me to bring home and play around with.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why oh why...

I don't suppose anyone can enlighten me as to why the last two images I posted have turned a funny colour?!...

Lovely Laundromat

It's not just the hotels in Copenhagen that boast fab designs, the restaurants and bars are pretty cool too - check out the Laundromat Café. It describes itself as a 'cool and cosy cafe with a practical touch' - hence being able to have a coffee and grab a book to read while waiting for your laundry to do its thing!