Sunday, April 3, 2011

Paint glorious paint

I love when new paint pics come in, they're always so beautifully styled, and really bring home the extent to which your paint shades create a particular mood in a room. Here are the latest shots from Dulux. The emphasis is clearly on a soft, homely vibe with a warm and comforting air.

Holy smoke Batman

This is actually unbelievable - it's the Sorapot teapot designed by Joey Roth. Now that, my friends, is functional art on a pretty awesome level. Imagine brewing your morning cuppa in that?! My friend Niamh pointed it out to me on the San Francisco MOMA museum store website. It costs $200 on there, and on the Sorapot website they have it at €158, I didn't see anything about postage, but it would make a fab wedding pres for the aforementioned pal who is getting married next year.