Monday, October 10, 2011

Constant inspiration

It goes without saying that most of my tastes and preferences, when it comes to what I have/covet in my home, are inspired by what I do. Our location shoots, in particular, are always full of lovely items that I want in my home, and at the end of a shoot day there is usually one item, at the very least, that has to be pulled out of my hands as I reluctantly part ways with the goodies that we have borrowed. The Taika tea cup in the top shot, as I mentioned in a previous post, eventually made its way into my home. I've been sighing over these fab tree silhouette-style coat stands (in the second shot) for equally as long, so hopefully that's another item that I'll come home to some time soon. And our stylist Eleanor's clever use of coat hangers to hang these prints in a shoot that appeared in our Jan/Feb 2009 issue (bottom pic) is sparking my imagination in relation to my frames dilemma

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