Sunday, September 9, 2012

The plot thickens

Ok, so I may be considering an extension. Maybe. Just a teeny, teeny, tiny one. But maybe. There's nothing like hearing the word 'potential' repeated countless times by numerous people to get your imagination going - and it doesn't actually take a huge amount to get my imagination going anyhow to be perfectly honest. But just an ickle wickle, you'd-barely-even-notice job would add so so much to my house. I don't want to sacrifice a big lump of garden though, so what I'm thinking of is bringing the living room wall back to come in line with the kitchen (it's to the left of the living room and reaches a little beyond the point that the living room ends. You know what I mean!). Obviously it's only early days yet, and what stands in the way of me and my little fantasy project is money - budget - sums. Sigh. I'll get my calculator out and have a think. In the meantime, I've been checking out the Melted Snow website to see the work of Jim Lawler. We have featured his work in H&H a number of times, and he always does a beautiful job on extensions. So, little wonder that the projects shown above are stoking my imagination. 

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