Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bloom escapades

I went to Bloom in the Phoenix Park yesterday with my big bro and my nephew, and it was such a lovely way to spend a gloriously sunny bank holiday Monday. I found it really inspirational, and it gave my lots of ideas for my garden, both front and back, that I can try out once I've slashed through the current thicket. These trees were pricey, but once I've finally paid for all of the ever-so-slightly more essential stuff, maybe I can treat myself to one. I think it always looks really homely to have a tree either side of your front door, and this olive tree (top pic), or the kumquat (second pic) would be a gorgeous sight to come home to. The lemon tree (bottom) could really flourish out the back, and would look really dramatic against a black painted wall. But before I do a thing I must consult with my dad, who is an amazing gardener and will be able to help me choose what is suitable for where - and then show me how to not kill everything that I plant! In the end I picked up a beautiful hydrangea for a mere €10 - when we were on our way out at about half past five everyone was selling off their plants and flowers, so we went home with a car full of beautiful blooms.

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