Sunday, January 1, 2012

Windows & doors

It's time for me to get organised and start planning the renovation of this house, which is going to be a messy and expensive task - but a fun and rewarding one nonetheless. One of the first things that I need to nail is the windows and doors end of things. They're a pricey and extremely crucial element of the overall process, and one that I need to start thinking about straight away. There is, of course, a whole trade-off between what they cost and what they look like. I haven't started getting quotes yet, but my tastes, in general, tend to veer in the direction of items that are way beyond my price range. I have a feeling that, given my limited budget, these windows and doors are going to be compromise numero uno. Anyhow, I'm not at a stage where I have to make any decision just yet, so I'll dream on about things that are probably beyond my reach, but in my current state of blissful ignorance I can remain in hope. Look at these fab door frames belonging to Patrick McKenna of Wabi Sabi - he's one of our My Budget Style people in the current issue, and he had architect Jim Lawlor of Melted Snow working on his house.

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