Saturday, December 10, 2011


Making a special appearance as the gazillionth item on my home shopping wishlist is the latest design from the talented creator of the Taika range for Iittala. I lusted after Taika teacups for God knows how long after we featured them in a shoot in our Jan/Feb 2008 issue. I was like a child in a Dickens novel with my nose pressed up against the window of Inreda on Camden Street. When I saw them on sale a couple of months ago I figured that if I still loved something that much after a year then surely I could treat myself to a couple of teacups (and a bowl, couldn't resist). And now, joy of joys, the talented designer Klaus Haapaniemi who designed the Taika range has created the summer equivalent of that wintry design - Satumetsa, which, I am told, is a Finnish word meaning Fairytale Forest. I don't think that I can even wait for the sales to nab these beauties. 

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