Saturday, December 10, 2011

A very exciting purchase!

Ah yes, this is what a combination of age and home ownership do to you, apparently - I am very excited about the curtain fabric that I bought this afternoon to make my bedroom curtains with. I had picked up some swatches in Murphy Sheehy in Castlemarket on Saturday afternoon and I was mulling over them for a few days. When I went to have a pre-auction browse in Buckleys this afternoon I decided to take another look in the MS Dun Laoghaire outpost, and I walked out half an hour later with my fabric, lining and interlining. Never one to go for the safe option, I chose a rich and crafty-looking William Morris print with a complementary pink stripe for the lining.
This is the William Morris fabric, by Fabric Freedom, which is actually a dress fabric. It's quite a traditional design, and there's also a lot going on there, so the basic palette for the room will be soft and neutral - I'll sand down the floorboards and use a soft, light grey on the walls. I'll also want to make sure that it all doesn't end up looking a bit traditional and overly country-ish, so I want to add an industrial-style touch somewhere, hopefully with some cool lighting.

I decided to opt for a striped lining to make the curtains a little unusual, and also to somehow clean up that busy traditional you see where I'm going with this one?!...I'm not sure if that makes sense - but then, to quote Picasso: "The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' sense".

Aren't they pretty together? Clearly I do not subscribe to the old dictum of keeping your curtain fabric neutral, blah blah blah - rules schmules! This will be my first proper curtain making project...I really really really hope I don't screw up!

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