Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy Prices

It was with a heavy heart that I put down a set of Missoni bedlinen in TK Maxx yesterday and walked out of there purchase-free. I absolutely love Missoni homewares, but the prices are...interesting. As in, out-of-my-budget interesting. So when I see it on sale I get a bit excited. There was a fab printed kingsize duvet cover and two pillowcases on offer for €80, but I still couldn't justify spending that so I made the sensible decision not to buy them. Being sensible is such a pain. The definition of sensible can also vary, according to my bank balance as well as the kind of value that's on offer, so when I saw two amazing Missoni black and white platters on sale there a while ago for €15 each I made the extremely wise move of snapping them up - they originally cost €120. It's the one in the bottom row in the pic above, taken from a shoot that we did all the way back in 2005, for the September/October issue. It's an indication of my attitudes to portion sizes that I initially believed them to be plates. Ahem. 

I also left behind many other lovely reduced items, though in spite of their marked down prices they were still quite expensive. Marie's Corner in Brown Thomas had some display items marked down and there was a fab fold-up stool thingy in pine with a shiney silver metallic leather seat. It was reduced from €480 down to €270, so they're not exactly giving it away but that is a bit of a price leap - and it's very easy to fall in love with. Pia Bang is sadly going to be closing down very shortly (March 8th I believe) and she has chopped her prices, so if you're in the market for some new gear and your credit card gives you sufficient leeway you might find something that would make you very happy indeed!

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