Friday, January 6, 2012

Biblio-fest in NYC

I can't be let into a bookshop. I get absorbed for, literally, hours on end, staggering around with a mountain of books, adding as many as I can to the pile until I can't see in front of myself anymore and have to admit defeat and find the nearest place to sit. This is the longlist, which is then whittled down to the shortlist. The choices get more difficult after that. I'm always torn between being sensible and...not being that sensible at all. It takes a good half hour before I manage to chop it down to a selection of books that I can 1) carry and 2) justify paying for. There was temptation on every corner in New York. I spent a lovely morning getting lost in the higgledy piggledy mazes of shelves and stacks in Strand Books; the MOMA giftshop was almost as big a draw as the museum itself, chockkers with interesting design titles; and the old reliable Barnes and Noble and Borders were never far away if I needed a quick fix. Anyhow, two of my favourites that I dragged home are books from the lovely, inspirational people at The Nest and Apartment Therapy. I was searching for something that would give this book junkie satisfaction to equal that provided by my much-thumbed Domino book, so I'm looking forward to going home, curling up on the sofa and getting stuck in. You can buy both online at Amazon.

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