Sunday, March 11, 2012

Style stealing

As I said in my last post, I have tons and tons of ideas for my new home, and most of these come from my work and the gorgeous homes of our readers. There's a notebook at my desk that is crammed with pics torn from magazines, and, naturally enough, many of these are from House and Home. So I thought I'd grab a few to share the loveliness that I hope to eventually bring to my own home (that's after the rewiring and the plumbing and the insulating and the endless list of other essentials has been ticked off).  Sad but true: what really sold me the house was the lovely original fireplaces, so the ones in the top two shots are the kind of beauty that I hope to achieve with my own (both from the Jan/Feb issue, the top one is Susan McEvoy's and the second is Ciara Dowling's). The third pic is a most elegant and comfy-looking chair, many of which I hope to have throughout my house whenever I get to that stage. Perfect for making a guest bedroom look homely, I think (from Iseult White's house in the March/April issue). I also need to work on the bathroom, and I love the colour of these tiles, which is making me re-think my fixed ideas about an all-white bathroom (pic also from the home of Ciara Dowling). And finally, I am determined to be extremely organised in my new home, and that involves good storage solutions - so where better to look for inspiration than the home of Olive Donavan of Howard's Storage World? I like these stacking shoe boxes (from the Jan/Feb issue).

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