Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paint and pianos

As I am in the process of purchasing a house that needs some serious love (I am currently calling it 'the hovel') I spend many of my waking hours daydreaming about paint schemes. Sad, but true. As this is my first house, I also have no major pieces of furniture apart from a piano and a bed. Anytime I see a picture of a piano in a room I get a bit excited, so when the Farrow and Ball 2009 product catalogue came in the other day I was sighing wistfully over this lovely pic. I would like to stress that my wee palace-to-be is a fraction of what the size of this house must be and, trust me, my own grand piano exists only in my dreams (my parents have very kindly said that I can have the trusty old upright piano that me and my four brothers learned to play on), but hey, it's inspiration more than aspiration. The colour on the walls is Mouse's Back No.40 Estate Emulsion (€48 per 2.5 litres, €84 per litre), and the colour on the woodwork and ceiling is White Tie No.2002 Estate Eggshell (€29 per 750ml and €66 per litre). And how cool is that wood and stainless steel coffee table? I reckon that you could easily get a smart handyman to make one of those without too much palaver. Get Farrow and Ball paints from Cornmarket, Dublin 8. Tel: 01 677 0111.

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