Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Danes!

I'm off to Copenhagen on Monday for three days to research a feature on Danish design, and I can't wait! It's somewhere that I've always wanted to visit - out of all the stylish Scandi nations I think that the Danes really have nailed design in an incomparable way, and it's actually their biggest export. I've been planning and researching my trip and I intend on gathering tons of essential info for any House and Home readers who may fancy a trip to this accessible design Mecca. I suspect I may also 'gather' some little treats for myself too (in spite of the no spending ban that I have imposed on myself in an attempt to be a responsible new home owner) - I may even come back with that elusive green leather mid-century sofa tucked under my arm *cough*. So, here's a taster of how the Danes just get it so very, very right when it comes to design, with a selection of fab hotel designs. From top to bottom: two serene and classy bedrooms in Hotel Front; bedrooms 302 and 414 in Hotel FoxAvenue Hotel bedroom (mmmm, Missoni throw) and garden.

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