Friday, March 9, 2012

Love. Envy. Want.

Sixx Design has crossed my radar before, via various blogs, magazine features, etc. But when I read a piece on the utterly fabulous New York-based Novogratz family in the latest Grazia magazine, that's when I got a full-on blast of envy on so many levels. In fact, I am well and truly sickened. They describe themselves as property developers, but they are a far cry from your average property developer stereotype - I mean, if any Irish property developers were remotely on the same level as these guys there would be at least we would be left with something aesthetically pleasing after the lunacy of the last ten years *mini rant over*. They have taste and style that is bright, modern and desirable, without being inaccessible. They also have eight children and the entire family is signed up to the Ford modelling agency. Somebody, somewhere, please find me a flaw?! The pics above are from a hotel that they designed called the Bungalow Hotel on the Jersey Shore in the US. I can't think of any reason not to get their book Downtown Chic, so I may have to break my Amazon ban. Dammit, I am so weak!!!

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