Thursday, March 8, 2012

I heart Target

I am a great appreciator of the prosaic and the mundane. Which is why when I visit New York I always anticipate a visit to Target. It is magic, I love it - I saw someone describe it as a huge Dunnes Stores once, but it's soooooo much better than that - they do EVERYthing (food, clothes, stationery, cosmetics...), and their homewares rock. They have the best designer collaborations - I nabbed a load of Orla Kiely for Target gear when I was over there in March. And then when my big bro was home a couple of weeks ago he brought me this great retro clock designed by Dror for Target. It's so cool, those arms fold up like a fan, and it's the perfect style for my house. Per - Fect. I have never heard of this designer before, so I set out to investigate and discovered that he also designed this set of Stack shelves for Target. It's kinda like a nest of tables, only it's a nest of bookcases - genius!

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