Friday, November 4, 2011

Sneaky Ikea preview

It's the moment that, well, not all of us, but definitely quite a large number of curious Irish shoppers have been waiting for: the opening of the Dublin branch of Ikea. I went to a press preview this morning, and it was great to get a poke around while the store was calm and orderly because I doubt it'll stay that way for long. And the verdict's Ikea! It's the same as any other Ikea only it's just up the road. Looking at the pics I took, it's hilarious really that they could have been taken in any other Ikea around the world. Not that I'm dissing it, we all love a good Ikea fix, and their price points are fantastic - finally, inexpensive furniture and home essentials for Irish shoppers. I came home with a few bits myself; I love the latest PS range so I got the cool Spraka pepper mill and the lovely Vadmal throw, as well as glasses (I don't have any regular ones and I've been drinking my morning juice out of Waterford Crystal champagne glasses, ahem) and candles. I won't be rushing back to kit my house out with their furniture to be honest, but it's always comforting to know that there's a selection of attractive furniture at a fair price if I'm stuck for anything, rather than having to fork out a fortune in desperation. The store opens this coming Monday, July 27th, and while Ikea usually open new branches on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, this time they have chosen a Monday in order to preempt any potential chaos. Opening hours are from 11am (in order to avoid peak traffic time lunacy) to 10pm, and you have to pay for parking between the hours of 4pm and 8pm (so if you come after 4 but before 8 you pay, if you come before 4 but you leave between 4 and 8 you have to pay) and it's a flat rate of €3. Local delivery starts at €30 (but it wasn't entirely clear as to what their actual definition of local is?) and they have a clever van hire service that would make a lot of sense if you are keen to have your furniture home in your own time, rather than waiting for delivery people. There were prices here and there; a lot of prices compared favourably with the sterling prices, but then there were a few items that I saw that were hiked up a bit - somehow, I still think that Irish shoppers are going to take to Ikea like (flatpack-happy) ducks to (extremely inexpensive, if not entirely calm) water.

The old familiar Ikea roomsets

The lovely PS collections are always worth the little bit extra that they cost

Kitchens have always cost a lot here, so a lot of people will really appreciate the cheap n cheerful Ikea option

As my dad would say - who'd be without one at that price?!

I had serious flatpack fatigue by the time I got this far... I re-fuelled with some crazy Swedish food!

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