Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My need for organisation + my love of fabric = pretty notice boards project

I am a very organised person, largely because I get a rather sad and extremely nerdy thrill from making lists and putting things away in cute files and the like. I am also quite scatty, so being organised is necessary in order for me to actually get anything done. I have tons of plans and ideas for my new house, and obviously these all vary from room to room. To create a more cohesive plan of what I want to pull together in each room, I'm going to do up individual mood boards, with all of the images and swatches and sketches and everything that I have scattered about the place pulled together and pinned right where I can see it evolve as I get to grips with what I want to achieve versus what is I can realistically aim to end up with. I took myself off to Decwells on Georges Street at lunchtime to see what I could find and I found these dull but functional cork boards for €10 each. Even though I know that they will eventually be covered in random bits and bobs I just can't handle looking at them the way they are, so I went rooting through the leftover fabrics box to find scraps that would pretty them up. There were some gorgeous Osborne & Little designs that I can't wait to use:

Chinese Dragon (the piece I have is in green rather than pink)



Wilde Carnation (the piece I have is chocolate on black)

So, the plan is to iron the rather crumpled pieces of fabric, paint the frames of the boards and then fix the fabrics to the boards.

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