Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yet another addiction of mine

Along with books, cute kitchen stuff, random pieces of furniture and god knows what else, I am unavoidably drawn to eye-catching prints and posters. I make an effort to ignore the urge, but it's hard. Right now I really need to put the brakes on my habit though, because I currently have three items sitting in poster tubes waiting to be framed.  I love a little lunchtime window shopping online at the Keep Calm Gallery and in December I treated myself to an Eat Your Greens print when I was buying my boyfriend an All You Need Is Love print. I had both custom framed,  because they're a slightly irregular size and I couldn't find a frame to fit in any shops. If the AYNIL one hadn't been a present I reckon they'd both be still sitting in the tube, but I got my butt in gear and EYG has a happy new home on my kitchen wall. The wonderful Christy in Moy Framing (beside the Gate Theatre at the top of O'Connell St. Tel: 01 836 5331) did a great job on them, and it was only €60 to frame the two, which I thought was an excellent price. He also had them done in a day. Then one day I came across a pic of a large move poster in someone's living room and my imagination, as per usual, went into overdrive. I went online and bought oversized (69cm x 102cm) posters for two of my favourite movies, Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, cause I figure they'll look wonderful framed, sitting side-by-side maybe in the hallway, or near the piano, or maybe in the guest bedroom. I have yet to summon up the energy/funds to have them framed, however, so they are, of course, still in the tube, propped against a wall in my bedroom. Along with, of course, my For Like Ever print that I got in New York, as well as a wee print from La Scala opera house in Milan for the performance of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde that we went to see there in February. Aaaaaaaaany day now...

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