Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paper chasing

I'm like a child in a sweetshop when I'm around lovely stationery, I love pretty cards and paper and notecards. I always have my eye out for more (I'm so greedy, I really am) and I there are some really fab stationery shops and designers on the other side of the Atlantic. My sister-in-law in New York sent me a fab wee postcard as a thank you card a couple of months ago, featuring a map of Florence, and I found out that the company is called Cavallini and they are stocked in four shops in Ireland - Pemberly, Sage & Stone, Concepts and Forget Me Not - but I have no idea where any of those shops are so...that's maybe not so helpful! Anyhow, luckily for me I am heading off to New York on Wednesday, so when I'm there I'll hopefully pay a visit to Kate's Paperie where I might pick up one of these beautiful map wrapping paper designs - if they were in nice frames they would look great on the wall of a study, guest bedroom or landing. I'm also having trouble finding nice magazine files, so I might use this paper to cover some plain ones. 

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