Monday, November 1, 2010

Much sighing and lengthening of wish lists

Anthropologie is one of my favourite shops ever, online or high street, at home or in another country; the only thing that keeps it from the number one spot is that they don't sell food. When we were in New York a couple of weeks ago, that and Target were my only serious shopping destinations. I did spend an inordinate amount of time in Anthropologie (it's so very hard to tear yourself away from the loveliness of it all), and I treated myself to a few wee bits and pieces, like pretty drawer handles, and even a dinky milk jug that I guardedly ferociously in my hand luggage on the way home. The furniture is the epitome of loveliness - the prices, unfortunately, are not. Take, for example, the Terai folding chairs above. Yes, I know they are fab. The price in dollars is the guts of 200, while in euro it's 155.76, and that's before tax or shipping or any of that jazz. Gulp. So, in the spirit of our next issue being the thrift issue, I nabbed some dodgy old fluro green, blue, pink and orange chairs that were in the kitchen in work and tackled them with paint and fabric. Ok - so they don't have the posh-sounding Sheesham wood as bone structure (I painted them in a tasteful grey from Crown), and they may have been staple-gunned to bejaysus with Hickey's finest wadding, but they do have lovely fancy fabrics from Sanderson and Zoffany on em. They'll be on show in all their glory in the next (May/June) issue of H&H, but in the meantime if I get a chance I'll grab a camera and take some pics to pop up.

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