Friday, September 9, 2011

It's bloomin gorgeous out there

Having stepped off the plane from New York mere hours ago, I am now sitting at my desk a little dazed and confused. The beautiful day is making it all a little easier though. It's also making me feel all outdoorsy and finally ready for a little spring action. I have a tendency to get ahead of myself, however, and forget that it's not as warm as it looks. So for the time being I'll settle for more indoorsy ways of getting down with nature, like this oh-so-clever Kiikku indoor garden by Tonfisk, a walnut ladder with four removable flower pots that can also be brought outside when the appropriate weather eventually rears its head. Tonfisk also have a smart new extendable vase, Kasvu, made of porcelain and laminated walnut or oak, that can be adjusted from 17.5cm to 27.5cm to suit the height of your flowers. One of the founding designers of this successful ceramic design company is Irish man Brian Keaney, who is currently based in Finland. Tonfisk designs are available from Inreda on Camden Street, D2. Tel: 01 476 0362.

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