Monday, September 5, 2011

Flatpack fever

With the advent of the first Ikea store in Dublin, two resourceful men have set up a company called Flatpack Services to help out shoppers at the Scandi superstore who may realise that the low-cost design dream comes at a price, that price being a frustrating battle with some instructions, a load of screw-y thingies and an alan key. They're charging an introductory rate of €25 per hour. Personally I was pleasantly surprised at my success in putting together the one major Ikea item I've ever bought, the Lillesand bed frame (pictured above). I put it together twice actually; the first time I was left with one leftover part thingy, and the second time (when I moved to my new house) I was left with two leftover part thingies. It hasn't fallen apart. Yet. We'll see how I get on the third time, when I have to dismantle it to take it out of my room for sanding the floors, having windows put in, etc etc.

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