Saturday, August 4, 2012

The eyes of a magpie and the wallet of a pauper

Seriously, I think that the gods of tastes and preferences are continuously playing cruel tricks on me - why can I never ever ever go for the cheap option?! Why oh why I am always drawn to lovely lovely things? Things that cost money?! Now - in fairness to me, I have been going for sales stuff lately. I even decided against the fancy column radiators and opted for normal, inexpensive ones (thank god for a sensible plumber is all I have to say). I was in Retrospect at lunchtime and my greedy little eyes were zoning in on their fab lighting - BUT it is all on sale at 10% off. So...well...I could potentially persuade myself into buying something on the basis that technically I'm saving money, blah de blah. Oh dear, I'm beginning to sound like one of those nutty eejits who spends a grand on a handbag and calls it 'an investment'. Anyhow, since I have been chatting to the electrician of late I have been giving thought to lighting. The 1930s Spanish pendant light (€195), above, would be perfect for my hallway; because it's a long and narrow hallway, I am going to keep it as bare as possible, but I don't want it to be completely without personality, so I've been looking for a pendant light that will add interest without looking insanely huge and I think that this is it - detailed and beautiful in an extremely refined and simple way. Then I spotted these Louis Poulsen pendants (€75 each) , below, that would look nothing short of completely perfect hanging over the dining table. Hmmm. It is payday tomorrow...oh listen to the excuses that I'm making to myself!!!

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