Monday, June 11, 2012

Travels from my computer screen

I always think that hotels are a wonderful source of inspiration, there are so many beautiful designs out there. I set out to find some bathrooms and ended up going on many, many tangents. I'm going to share the fruits of these tangents with you! Clearly, my home is not hotel-sized and my budget is not five star-sized, but there are details here and there that I would love to incorporate into my own home. From the top: Hotel Signum is on the island of Salina in the Aeolian Islands off the north east coast of Sicily; we had a fab holiday in Sicily last summer and while we visited Salina we didn't stay here - it's kinda pricey! But this crisp white room set against the stunning blue seas and skies of the island is so invitingly idyllic that I plan, some day, to return and treat myself to a stay in Signum. This bedroom in Casa Angelina on Italy's Amalfi Coast looks like a serene spot for a good nights sleep - I absolutely love the bedside lamps, it adds an industrial feel, and the downlighters under that desk add a warm glow. The Bleibtreu in Berlin has a lovely, airy vibe - a kind of simple getaway chic, that touch of colour and mix of simple patterns is pretty without being fussy.

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