Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh my

Since the plumber came over to go through the house and discuss what needs to be done, I've been paying even more attention to what I need for my kitchen and bathroom than I was before (we're talking serious overdrive: more books and magazines than usual, and hardcore weekend visits to tile, sanitaryware, appliance and DIY super stores). I am getting a bit boring, but, as with any addict, I really don't care. Anyhow - I have finally twigged that I have some very distinctive styles in mind for my kitchen and bathroom. For the bathroom, I really want to feel like I'm on holidays in a little Mediterranean hotel, like Hotel Gutkowski that we treated ourselves to a stay in when we were in Sicily last September. I just want to start the day with that breezy, wholesome feel. And I'm looking for the same vibe when I come home to cook dinner in the evenings, or have friends over. I think it's the proliferation of pretty tiles in little hotels like this that makes me want to nab a bit of the look for my kitchen and bathroom in particular. Anyhow, I was having a hunt around for particular tiles in blue and white, and I was having no luck whatsoever, when I stumbled across a link that I had obviously missed on the Fired Earth website. These beautiful tiles are just what I'm after; I'm going for either a splashback in the kitchen or perhaps even a feature detail behind the mirror in the bathroom?...I don't know yet but I somehow suspect that the price of the tiles will dictate how I choose to use them! Plus, I can't get too carried away with myself, as I want to make sure that the rooms all flow nicely, with a relatively cohesive style that isn't too matchy matchy. Anyhow, this find has made me very happy - a very pleasant end to a grey old Monday.

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