Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coppinger Show

Oh I love checking out new places to eat, and having lunch is always an inexpensive way to try somewhere out. I felt justified in treating myself to a nice lunch since we've just wrapped up work on the September/October issue of House and Home. I've been passing a spot on Coppinger Row (just beside the side entrance to the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre) for a little while that has had intriguing-looking work going on in there for a while. When I was in first year in college I worked in Karen Millen and there was a lovely place there called the Blue Room, they did great soup. Anyhow, this restaurant has finally opened; it's apparently owned by the same guys who run the South William bar on South William Street, and they have gone for a similar tactic in coming up with a name - it's called (drumroll) Coppinger Row. And it's pretty cool - I love the interior, and my friend Niamh politely pretended not to be embarrassed while I wandered around taking photos. Unfortunately I took them after drinking a lot of very strong coffee so they're kinda I guess you'll just have to go along in person to check it out yourself!

Not that you can really tell from this pic but the ceiling is painted black, and the lighting throughout has a very cool industrial look. Lovely grey walls as well.

ex: Now, I really really really want lights like these in the above two pics for task lighting in my kitchen - anyone have any ideas as to where I might get some?...

I fell in love with this cabinet thingy - if I had been concentrating a little harder instead of stuffing my face with food - highly recommend the cod by the way - I might have stopped to asked who is responsible for the design and furnishings - so much for fish being good for your brain, eh!

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