Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Plumb job

The plumber came around yesterday evening, and since I've decided against an extension this is going to be the most extensive part of my renovation. We were chatting about rads and boilers and all that stuff, but I'm dying to get stuck into the bathroom. The bathroom is ickle wickle in the extreme - you should see the sink, it's hilarious, I can just about fit both hands in it. Though the fact that it's so small is proving useful right now - I don't have a shower, so I need to use one of those attachment thingies from Homebase that you put on to the taps. The taps on the bath are these mental huge old things though, and I couldn't fit it on. I was panicking about having to have a bath every morning and then I figured that I could actually attach it to the sink taps and stretch it into the bath. And that is how I shower every day - VERY glamorous!!! Anyhow, the most sensible thing seems to me to be to take out the bath and create a wet room. I need to figure out the layout, and the above pic looks absolutely perfect to me - the shower and sink area would be where the bath currently is (on the left hand side), and then the toilet is where it is now, so I could put the rad on the wall where the sink is (on the right hand side). Can't remember where I got this pic from, so if anyone recognises it please do let me know...

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