Thursday, February 10, 2011

No, I haven't been on holidays...sigh...

...I've just been lazy/busy/shirking my blogging duties. Holidays are a thing of the past for me, and I think that my fellow homeowners out there will empathise. It's not just that I don' t have a cent to spare - I'm also happy to stay put in my crazy little house. It's old and dirty, but it's mine. Anyhow, plans are chugging along and I've been chatting to the builder, plumber and electrician about getting started. I must admit that I'm getting just a tad fed up of the grimy blinds, digging around in boxes to find clothes and having a kitchen that is beyond basic, so I really am looking forward to having a nice clean, functioning home. At some stage. After all the work is done. Gulp. And then, why it will be so lovely that I will never want to go on holidays ever again! Well, ok, maybe not; I'm still pondering over a return visit to Sicily because I fell so very much in love with it when I was there last September. I would love love love to treat myself to a stay in the delicious Casa Talia (above) or the breezy-looking La Lumie (below), both in Modica.

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