Sunday, January 2, 2011

Knit wit

Hmmm, I wonder how long it will take before I get bored of my own bad knitting pun-thingies? Thought I would give a knitting update - so, I popped into This is Knit in Powerscourt on Saturday, where Lisa very kindly helped me figure out what I needed. She recommended the Stitch n Bitch book (apparently the Vogue Knitting book is something of an encyclopedia), and I got some lovely soft grey yarn to get me started. My first project, I decided, is going to be a little scarf for my godson Naoise, who will be two on Friday. Clearly, he is to be my first victim/recipient of my knitting efforts because A) he is too small to object and B) he is too small to be too cool to wear a scarf that his auntie knitted for him. And also because I love him very much, obviously.

As per usual, I set into my task all gung ho and all 'how hard can this be, really?' Half an hour later I was wailing 'I can't tie a slip knot'. My boyfriend rather wisely absconded, while I squinted at the pictures in the book, as well as trawling the internet for something, anything that would put me on the right track. I dug through the Vogue Knitting website, the Martha Stewart Living website and yelled at a video uploaded by someone called Cassie on youtube. I eventually got the hang of it and my needles were a-clacking last night while I watched a DVD. Very relaxing, very satisfying, highly recommended.

I do recommend Stitch n Bitch, but I must say that the innuendo stuff gets a bit tired - I mean, a scarf pattern called 'ribbed for her pleasure'? Yawn. 

Anyhow, here's Cassie - she's a bit annoying, but she did help me get there in the end:

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